Language Arts (3rd-4th) 10:30

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Grade Level:3rd - 4th
Time:10:30-11:30 A.M.
Location:FaithSprings Baptist Church
Class Size:Maximum (10)
Teacher:Ashley Garrison
Teacher Phone:713-515-2621
Supply Fees:$50.00 due July 1 (Non-Refundable after September 1)

Each student will need to buy  Bob Jones University Press English 3 Student Worktext, 2nd Ed.  Publisher – BJU Press

  • TBA  Handwriting book
Class Description:

Language Arts (3rd-4th):
This course encourages clear and effective writing, develops study and reference skills, improves listening and speaking skills, improves handwriting skills, and fosters an appreciation of language. Over the course of the school year students will develop the correct use of English grammar in written and oral communication. In addition, students will learn how to use and apply the Writing Process to different types of compositions. Students will also be assigned cursive practice

Is spelling included?
This course does not cover spelling in a formal way, as we will not have assigned spelling words and tests, however spelling is something we will naturally cover to some extent as we edit papers throughout the year.

What does my supply fee cover?
Supply fees for Language Arts primarily cover readers for each student. Any leftover fee goes towards general classroom things such as dry erase markers, tissues and sanitizers for the classroom, folders for each student, copy paper, extra pencils for students etc.