Hands on Science (3rd-4th)

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Grade Level:3rd - 4th
Time:9:30am - 10:30am
Class Size:2 Minimum, 10 Maximum
Teacher:Bonnie Netherland
Teacher Phone:713-517-0350
Teacher Email:bonnie.netherland@yahoo.com
Tuition:$50 month
Supply Fees:$50.00 Lab and Supply Fee (Non-Refundable after August 1)

Science 4 Student Text

  • ISBN – 978-1-60682-725-3
  • Copyright Year – 2015
  • Format – softbound
  • Length – 304 pp.
  • Grade Level – 4
  • Publisher – BJU Press

Science 4 Activity Manual

  • ISBN – 978-1-60682-830-4
  • Copyright Year – 2015
  • Format – softbound
  • Length – 192 pp.
  • Grade Level – 4
  • Publisher – BJU Press
  • 3 Ring loose-leaf binder with 5 dividers
  • set of colored pencils or crayons
  • pencils
  • glue stick
Class Description:

I will emphasize the scientific method, good lab procedures, and organizational skills.  Science 4 Student Text, 4th ed., teaches concepts such as the characteristics of living things, insects and spiders, plants, forces and machines, electricity and magnetism, and the digestive and skeletal systems.

Students are encouraged to think critically about science and to approach science from a biblical worldview.

Homework:In class, we will do approximately half lecture/discussion and half experiments, investigations, and hands-on activities. Out of class will be mostly reading the chapters and assigned exercises in the workbook, plus occasionaly a small project to do at home.
Evaluation:Grades are made up of class participation, daily work, homework, binder organization, extra credit activities, and chapter quizzes. A Progress Report will also be sent home each semester as well as an end of the year cumulative grade.