Reading Basics (K-1st)

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Grade Level:K-1st
Class Size:2 Minimum, 10 Maximum
Teacher:Beverly Baker
Tuition:$50 month
Supply Fees:$50 Supply, (Non-refundable after August 1)

No reading skills are necessary.


We will use Bob Jones Reading Curriculum.

The teacher will contact you to let you know what textbook, if any, that you need to purchase.

Class Description:

We will use the blended sound-sight approach to teaching your child to read. By combining phonics with some sight words, your child can begin to read quickly and with ease while building a solid foundation for the future. Games, activities, friends and prizes add interest for the child!

Homework:Parents will be asked to reinforce skills taught each week and to assist child in reading practice. All will be directed by the teacher with weekly take-homes.
Evaluation:Progress will be reported to the parents quarterly.