Reading Basics (K-1st) 10:30

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Grade Level:K-1st
Class Size:10 Maximum
Teacher:Beverly Baker
Teacher Phone:713-822-7477
Tuition:$50 month
Supply Fees:$50 Supply due July 1, (Non-refundable after September 1)

No reading skills are necessary.


BJU READING 1 STUDENT Worktext (4th ed.)

Class Description:

We will use the blended sound-sight approach to teaching your child to read. By combining phonics with some sight words, your child can begin to read quickly and with ease while building a solid foundation for the future. Games, activities, friends and prizes add interest for the child!

Homework:Parents will be asked to reinforce skills taught each week and to assist child in reading practice. All will be directed by the teacher with weekly take-homes.
Evaluation:Progress will be reported to the parents quarterly.