IPC – Integrated Physics and Chemistry (9th-10th)

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Grade Level:9th-10th
Time:9:30-11:00 am
Class Size:5 minimum; 10 maximum
Teacher:James Kubena
Teacher Phone:254-319-1418
Teacher Email:james@brainpotentialinstitute.com
Tuition:$70 monthly
Supply Fees:$50 Supply Fee (Non-refundable after August 1)

Bob Jones University Press (BJU), Physical Science 5th Edition Only the textbook is needed. Link to Textbook:



Personal eye protection (safety glasses from Lowes or Home Depot will do the job).

Class Description:

Introduce your child to the world of physics and chemistry with the Physical Science educational materials from BJU Press. Designed and written for the 9th grade level, the Physical Science educational materials begins with helping students understand why it is beneficial to study science. It then introduces physics topics in a logical sequence, starting with classical mechanics and moving on to topics such as work and energy, electricity, magnetism, and light and optics before transitioning to chemistry topics such as the atomic model, elements and compounds, chemical reactions, solutions, acids, bases, and salts.

Yes, IPC counts for one science credit towards high school graduation.