Biology 2 (10th-12th)

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Grade Level:10th - 12th
Time:9:00-10:30 am
Class Size:6 Minimum, 12 Maximum
Teacher:Dea Martin
Teacher Phone:281-414-3351
Supply Fees:$50.00 Supply Fee (Non-Refundable after August 1)

Student must have previously taken Biology 1, earning an “A” or “B.”


The Human Body by Wile and Shannon (can be found used) Vendor: Apologia Publication Date: 2001ISBN: 978-1-932012-09-5
AND  The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson (must be new)(Both texts can be purchased through, or picked up at HEP on Fuqua. Please give HEP a call before you go, to make sure they have them in stock. If not, they will happily order them for you.)

Class Description:

Biology 2 will build upon what we learned in Biology 1, with particular emphasis on anatomy (how things are put together) and physiology (how those things work.) Students MUST maintain a regular study schedule throughout the week in order to excel in this class. Memorization will be regularly required. Laboratory and dissection will be integrated into the normal class time.Students who earn an A or B in this course will receive Honors credit.