Biology 1 (10th-12th)

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Grade Level:9th - 12th
Time:9:30-11:00 am
Class Size:5 Minimum, 12 Maximum
Teacher:Dea Martin
Teacher Phone:281-414-3351
Supply Fees:$50.00 Supply/Lab Fee (Non Refundable after August 1)

We highly recommend that your student take IPC (Introduction to Physics and Chemistry) before taking Biology 1.


Bob Jones University Press Biology Student Text, 4th Edition

  • ISBN – 978-1-60682-017-9
  • Author – BJU Press
  • Copyright Year – 2011
  • Edition – 4th ed.
  • Format – softbound
  • Length – 688 pp.
  • Grade Level – 10
  • Publisher – BJU Press
Class Description:

This class is all about the amazing study of life! In-depth topics explored include plants, genetics, bacteriology, virology, animal anatomy and physiology, and classification. Our school year culminates in a series of animal dissections, from fish and frogs to fetal pigs. Emphasis is on making sometimes complex ideas easier to understand, while preparing college-bound students for what lies ahead. Instructor is always available to parents and students. Students find that high school science need not be intimidating. In fact, science excitement is contagious!