Biology 1 (9th-12th)

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Grade Level:9th - 12th
Time:9:30-11:00 am
Class Size:5 Minimum, 12 Maximum
Teacher:Dea Martin
Teacher Phone:281-414-3351
Supply Fees:$50.00 Supply/Lab Fee (Non Refundable after August 1)

Bob Jones University Press Biology Student Text, 4th Edition

Class Description:

This class is all about the amazing study of life! In-depth topics explored include plants, genetics, bacteriology, virology, animal anatomy and physiology, and classification. Our school year culminates in a series of animal dissections, from fish and frogs to fetal pigs. Emphasis is on making sometimes complex ideas easier to understand, while preparing college-bound students for what lies ahead. Instructor is always available to parents and students. Students find that high school science need not be intimidating. In fact, science excitement is contagious!