Art – A (K-5th)

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Grade Level:K - 5th
Time:8:30-9:30 am
Class Size:10 Maximum
Teacher:Michelle Hancock
Teacher Phone:832-483-6906
Supply Fees:$65 Supply Fee due July 1 (Non-refundable after September 1)
Class Description:

This class is designed to teach children the essential elements of art; line, shape, form, space, color, and texture so that the child can grow and express their creativity skills and imagination through visual form. We will cover the principles of art; pattern, rhythm, proportion, balance, unity, and emphasis as well as we study the elements. Many things can be learned from examining the art of others and the artist of the past so class will incorporate some art history, studying these artist and their techniques. We will also study some current illustrators and painters so the children can understand that art can be a career.

Every child will have their own sketchbook to take art history notes and create preliminary sketches for their larger projects, as well as to do small works and doddle when needed to get their ideas flowing. We will learn different techniques and work in different mediums as we work through our projects. I will use the wonderful world that God, through His own imagination and creativity, created to show the children how art is everywhere in nature, every element/principle we study God has placed right before us in nature. We just have to remember to look for it. Art is everywhere!

My hope is that the children will finish the class with a love for art and with a love of those who created it before us. My goal is that the children will be able to see art, create art, and will appreciate every aspect of art by the time the year is over.

***Classes will vary slightly but will cover all the information above on a level suitable for the children in each class. If your child attended art classes with me last year we will continue to study the elements and principles but learn new techniques and about new artist.