Algebra 2 (10th-12th)

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Grade Level:10th-12th
Time:2:00-3:00 pm
Teacher:James Kubena
Teacher Phone:254-319-1418
Supply Fees:$50 Supply Fee (Non-refundable after August 1)

Prior to enrollment I recommend having your student take the free assessment found at: This assessment will assist in determining if your student is ready for Algebra 2.


Teaching Textbooks, Algebra 2, 2.0 Only the textbook is needed, not the CDs. The CDs are recommended.

Link to Textbook:


All students need a graphing calculator. I recommend a Texas instruments 83/84. Students will be able to use the same calculator through college-level Calculus. Pawn shops located near colleges, eBay, and Amazon offer a wide variety of prices and avenues for obtaining a graphing calculator.

Class Description:

In this course students will learn more advanced forms of Algebra in an easy to understand, non-intimidating manner. Teaching Textbooks is a wonderful curriculum that breaks the information down in an easy to understand format. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, making Algebra 2 seem like a breeze. Each week we will cover information from the lessons in class and complete practice problems together. Students will be given assignments to be completed outside of class each week. The assignments will contain not only new material but previous material which will reinforce concepts throughout the year. The instructor is available by phone or email during the week for any homework questions as well.

Yes, Algebra 2 counts for one math credit towards high school graduation.